Vicitel's CyberShop is an e-commerce software, perfect for your market conquest. Completely customizable, secure transactions, a scalable product line, and consumer web-portal make CyberShop the smart choice for your online marketplace. (Vici: Latin, ‘Conquer’)


The business world is rapidly on the road from Bricks-to-Clicks and if you’re planning to conquer the global market, regardless of the size of your business, Vicitel's CyberShop can help you establish your business online. Our e-commerce solution is designed to help you launch dynamic Retail websites. Our focused e-commerce strategies and secure online payment processing modules, along with our team of experts, can give you the freedom to enter the online world with style and efficiency. Vicitel ensures a fruitful match between your online presence, product, and service offerings, thereby catapulting your business to new heights. More than 50 percent of all business transactions will soon be conducted on-line. Ensuring your presence on the worldwide web is to guarantee your long-term survival in the 21st century trade zone free of conventional barriers.


Super-Friendly Ecommerce Solution Feature-packed, robust, scalable, and highly intuitive, CyberShop is the clear choice for serious merchants focused on marketing and selling their products online.

• Sell smarter and faster.
• Build your web business on the CyberShop platform.
• Get hundreds of features.
• Harness the power of social media and web 2.0.
• Leverage our best-in-class partner network.
• Deliver an exceptional user experience.
• Get world class professional services and support.

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E-Commerce Features
>Search Engine Friendly
>Quick Setup
>Fully Customizable
>Purchase or SaaS
>Ecommerce Hosting Available
>Intelligent Product Search
>Marketing / Promotion Tools
>Extensive Payment Support
>Shipping and Tax Functionality
>Financial Reporting
>SSL Security
>No IT Staffing or Headaches
>World Class Technical Support
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